• Lessons from Basic Training for the COVID-19 Pandemic

    As I drifted off to sleep, my mind returned to a warm evening in March of 2010. Myself and a few of the guys that had become my closest friends over the past 4 years sat in a corner booth of Smokey Joe’s bar in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We were a few feet from the dance […]

  • Being Vulnerable

    Dear Friend, Thank you for the inspiration to write this. You told me that being vulnerable wasn’t in your nature, and that you were going to try something new as a way of working through a difficult few months. Your courage gave me courage, so I wrote down some things that are not so comfortable […]

  • Coming back

    My Army bag, by outward appearances, is a large green duffel bag. To me, it is a time capsule. Roughly a year ago, I hastily threw a collection of clothing, toiletries, uniforms, and assorted other accessories into the bag, zipped it shut, and handed it off to Eric, who graciously stored it for me in […]

  • פינת זיכרון

    It’s just a street corner. There’s nothing particularly special that separates it from the thousands of others like it throughout Israel. But for one boy, it was different. On that corner, the boy I once was would say goodbye to the girl he once loved on Sunday mornings before he returned to base. As I walk past […]

  • Never again to us, or never again because of us?

    This year my mother hosted an incredible Seder, and asked us, as it’s participants, to write about what freedom meant to us. My cousin Reuben delivered a powerful message about the commandment to remember that we, too, were slaves in the land of Egypt, a commandment that is given to ensure that we don’t treat […]

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