• The Problem With Scaling

    Most companies start out with good intentions. They seek to solve a problem; to address a need in the marketplace. And when it works, they begin to scale.  The problem is that as they scale, the tendency is to forget why it is that “it” worked in the first place. Because what is “it?” Most companies […]

  • 15 years later we still have much to learn

    Among the many lessons of 9/11 is that we shouldn’t wait for a meeting with death to remind us how we should live. In the selflessness of the first responders of 9/11, there are lessons for all of us in how we should treat one another. Firemen ran up the stairs of Word Trade Center 1 […]

  • Everything Burns…and that’s OK. Life Lessons from Burning Man

    6 Minute Read There are a lot of misconceptions about Burning Man. But here are a few things that are not misconceptions: There is almost no cell phone service, and regardless of whether you stay in a tent or an RV, it is a certainty that you will begin and end each day completely covered […]

  • A single candle – a million reflections

    “Legend has it that an encounter took place between King Christian X of Denmark and a Nazi officer shortly after the occupation of the Danish capital in April 1940. It is said that when the King looked out the window of the palace and saw the Nazi flag with its swastika flying over the roofs […]

  • The Last Three Reps

    Anyone who has worked out knows the dilemma of the last few reps. On a set of 25 push-ups it’s those last three that you just don’t want to do. Maybe it’s the last 2 reps on your final set of bench press for the day. Perhaps it’s the last 400 feet at track and […]