• Three Years Later

    A few days ago was the three-year anniversary of my release from the IDF. While my army service lasted only 3 years, in many ways it felt like I lived the better part of a lifetime within them. As I think back on my service now, it’s hard to believe that the time I spent […]

  • The End of an Era

    Today Israel mourns the loss of Shimon Peres, and with him the Israel of old. Shimon Peres was the last of the generation of leaders that helped to transform Israel from a dream into a thriving homeland for the Jewish people. Over the course of 50 years, Shimon Peres held nearly every major position in Israel’s […]

  • The Problem With Scaling

    Most companies start out with good intentions. They seek to solve a problem; to address a need in the marketplace. And when it works, they begin to scale.  The problem is that as they scale, the tendency is to forget why it is that “it” worked in the first place. Because what is “it?” Most companies […]