• Lessons from Normandy

    On this day, 71 years ago, at approximately 6:30 AM, Allied troops began their historic assault on Normandy beach in an effort to free France and Europe from the Nazi war machine. Nearly 9,000 men lost their lives in so doing. Most of the men that boarded those ships, bound for an assault on an […]

  • Are you Listening?

    When people speak, do you listen? Of course you listen to the words that leave their mouth and process their surface-level meaning. If you didn’t do that you wouldn’t get very far. But there is listening, and then there is deep listening; the kind where you immerse yourself fully in the other person’s perspective and […]

  • Finish What You Start

    When we were younger we were always told by our parents to finish the food on our plate. Kids change their minds constantly; the things that they want one minute bear no relation to the things that they want a minute later. Part of maturity is figuring out what you want and sticking with it, […]

  • Pale Blue Dot

    A rabbi once wrote that every man should carry two stones in his pocket. On one should be inscribed “I am but dust and ashes.” On the other, “For my sake the world was created.” Today I am writing about the first stone. A light year is defined as how far light can travel in […]