• Forbes Under 30 Israel Summit

    Every choice we make in life; every meeting or event we choose to attend, every time we choose to go and not to stay, has ramifications that we cannot begin to imagine at the time that we make those decisions. A plane that takes off from New York en route to LA, should it adjust […]

  • Bearing Witness

    The teenagers of today are the last generation that will be able to hear firsthand accounts of the Holocaust; they are the last generation that will look down at the forearm of a survivor and see a number tattooed into the skin that was meant to erase it’s bearer’s name and identity. Their children will not be […]

  • I Can

    As a child I was diagnosed with learning disabilities. My particular difficulties surrounded the processing of shapes and characters, specifically as they related to new languages. The doctors said learning a new language would be difficult if not impossible for me. More than a decade later, my Hebrew teacher at Penn scoffed at the idea that I would ever […]

  • Three Years Later

    A few days ago was the three-year anniversary of my release from the IDF. While my army service lasted only 3 years, in many ways it felt like I lived the better part of a lifetime within them. As I think back on my service now, it’s hard to believe that the time I spent […]

  • The End of an Era

    Today Israel mourns the loss of Shimon Peres, and with him the Israel of old. Shimon Peres was the last of the generation of leaders that helped to transform Israel from a dream into a thriving homeland for the Jewish people. Over the course of 50 years, Shimon Peres held nearly every major position in Israel’s […]