• Pull, don’t push

    There is an old fable about a contest between the North Wind and the Sun. The North Wind claimed his strength was far superior to that of the sun’s, and could move man to do as he pleased. But the sun insisted that there was great power in a more refined approach. Far below their […]

  • What we have

    If you are reading this, you are not one of the approximately 10 million Americans who is blind. Every morning, you wake up and have the ability to see the ones you love. Enjoy a sunset. Read a book. 80% of the world’s population lives on less than $10 a day. That is 5.6 Billion people. If […]

  • The Day of Remembrance

    Today is the Day of Remembrance in Israel, known by Israelis as Yom HaZikaron. On this day we remember the 23,340 sons and daughters, friends and lovers, sisters and brothers, that fell in the defense of the state of Israel. We remember the families, for whom every day is Memorial Day. For those of us […]

  • The Price of Progress

    Nostalgia: The longing for something that once was, but is no longer. Perhaps a person or a place. Maybe even a single experience. That’s how we usually think about it, anyway. But is it possible to be nostalgic about something you have never personally experienced? Have you ever looked at an old photograph taken before […]

  • 8 Million Centers of the Universe

    While riding the subway yesterday I came across a poem called “Grand Central” from the 1940’s. It was posted on the side of the subway car above the seats, where an advertisement normally dwells. Curious, I began to read: “The city orbits around 8 million centers of the universe, and turns around the golden clock at […]