In his book “The Road To Character,” David Brooks wrote,

“No good life is possible unless it is organized around a vocation. A vocation is not found by looking within and finding your passion. It is found by looking without and asking what life is asking of us. What problem is addressed by an activity you intrinsically enjoy?”

My passion is helping people, which is what lead me to the healthcare space. I love networking, connecting people, and creating value for companies whose missions I believe in. My experience has been in growing startups from the ground up in sales leadership roles. Where some see barriers, I see opportunities. My first job after spending three years in the IDF was on the mid-market sales team at Taboola. When the opportunity to take on a new market presented itself, I learned Portuguese in four months, moved to Brazil, and helped open up our South American operations as the first FTE on the ground. While living in South America, I alternated between taking Spanish and Portuguese lessons, while flying back and forth between São Paulo and Buenos Aires to develop new business.

At Parachute Health, I discovered my affinity for Healthcare. As the first client-facing hire, I helped my CEO dictate and execute the company’s go-to-market strategy. As the Director of the SMB sales team, which focused on post-acute providers, I launched the Chicago and Denver markets, while selling into health systems and IDN’s as an individual contributor. At Emmacare, as the VP of Business Development and first non-developer hire, I assisted in the launch of the company. I launched our first two Home Care clients and signed the company’s first two provider pilots, as well as trained and supported partner sales reps, on-boarded new users in four languages, assisted in the product roadmap, created marketing material, and identified new sales channels/strategic partnership opportunities.

I would describe myself as creative, mission-driven, and persistent. I’m singularly focused (professionally) on Healthcare, and particularly interested in companies and projects that focus on social determinants of health, helping to nudge Healthcare towards VBC/innovative payment models, improving quality of care, and behavioral health. I am an Erickson certified professional coach, I have my MBA from Quantic, and I am working on my Master of Healthcare Innovation at the University of Pennsylvania. In my spare time, I am finalizing the manuscript of a book I wrote about my IDF experiences, “A Line in The Sand: An American’s Story of Sacrifice and Service in the Israeli Special Forces.” I also enjoy reading, writing, and all things outdoors. I am a co-founder and Executive board member of the Society for Healthcare Innovation (, and have launched a podcast series on behalf of the society interviewing clinical executives/founders (

If you are interested in connecting, please contact me at

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